WiFi Full Form

WIFI full meaning
What is the Full Form of WiFi?

WiFi full form – Wireless Fidelity. It is a networking technology, which allow’s electronic WiFi enabled devices connect to the internet without wire or wireless with radio waves. Wi Fi is not secure and it might be secure less than wired connection, still debates remained.

In other terms:-

WiFi is the popular word for a high frequency wireless LAN technology.

Any device such a mobile, laptop, I-Pad or iPod can connect to the Internet through the WiFi. And the official website is www.wi-fi.org

How can you protect your Wi-Fi Network? why it is necessarily to protect it?

If you’r are a new broadband customer or user have a few knowledge about it so be prepare your self to protect your GB’s. Yes! will never know that who used your broadband plans data. If you want to protect so need to set Pre-Shared-Key.

Pre shared key is the password in your WiFi enabled device. To access and set password you have to access this URL –

Enter it directly on address bar on any browser. User name and Password option will appear in front of you.

Your username will be “admin” (without quotes) and password will be “password” or “admin” or your account number which will be provid by your ISP.

After the entrance of your modem you need to find Wireless option.

Now two option will appear basic or security so click for security and then find pre shared key.

After changes you can check or test your device that it is working good or not.

As given above that WIFI full form is Wireless Fidelity and in Hindi given above.