CCTV Full form

CCTV full meaning
What is the CCTV meaning?

CCTC full form is Closed Circuit Television which is special camera device, designed to monitor a particular place. With this camera we can monitor any place and can watch live and recorded video as well because it comes with storage.

Now these day’s, CCTV camera using in home, office, bank, railway station, airport, companies etc. CC Camera is also using by individual for personal use to take for home, on car dashboard to record video etc.

Why we need to use CCTV camera?

If you don’t know that why we need to use CCTV camera so I will consider you new in the era because we are using these camera’s for security purpose. This is very helpful to record as a proof of crime. Sometime hidden camera is so useful.

CCTV Camera Technology

In market you can find or can see different type of camera. Some of them using without internet while some of on internet which is called IP based camera. IP based camera we use when we are not near to the station or our camera. IP based camera is very useful because we can see the current activity live on our computer or mobile phone as well with the help of internet.

You can read about it more on Google. You may search on Google as “CCTV full form”.