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VVIP Full Form?

VVIP Full Form is Very Very Important Person. VVIP is the acronym or abbreviated phrase for Very Very Important Person and it refers to those people who enjoys absolute special privileges due to high status financially, socially, politically or in other terms. This system is somewhat discriminating in countries like India. Where poor people can hardly meet his needs, these people demands absolute special treatment for them.

We can trace VVIPs from almost every field of social importance. High profile businessmen, corporate leaders, national or international political leaders, national or international representatives of various institutions and organizations, individuals from renowned royal or high-standard families, notable people from any other sector of work and job. These people enjoy premium services at any time for any reason.

They are provided with high level of comfort and quality services from foods, drinking water, drinks to special sitting allotment, communication services. From shopping to health treatment, these VVIPs have the privilege to avail themselves with premium type of services. This certainly creates a discriminating situation and a separation from the common people. Social activists are of the opinion that these type of culture should be immediately finished to ensure proper utilization of human resources and maintaining balance in the social system.