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VPN full meaning
VPN Full Form?

VPN Full Form is Virtual Private Network. VPN is a network used for connectivity. It is constructed by the use of public wires. A VPN ensures that the respective network stays secure and private. Private organizations use VPN so that the data transmission is limited to their employees or chosen clients only. Simply, it is a system to connect to a private network like an organization’s internal network.

VPN ensures that only chosen and authorized users can have access to its network. Thus it ensures ultimate security in data transmission by emphatically opting out the possibility of any kind of data interception. Usually internet is used to construct a VPN. In a sense a VPN is a secured WAN (Wide Area Network). Ultimate traffic encryption, virtual tunneling protocols help to create point-to-point connection which is necessary to construct a VPN.

Internet service providers give private organizations the luxury to have their own VPN. Protocols used in traffic tunneling, terminal point location of the tunnel, level of security, OSI layer presented to connect a network, and the characteristic of either site-to-site or network-to-network connection are the factors that classifies a VPN. The security mechanism is based upon confidentiality, sender authentication and message integrity. Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) is a variant of VPN that helps to resolve the issues which VPN is unable to address properly.