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UDP Full Form?

UDP Full Form is User Datagram Protocol. It is the most useful protocols among the section of Internet protocol. It is an alternative communicating system to the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). UDP is mostly and mainly used in those internet based applications that does not require reliable data stream service. UDP, designed by David P. Reed in 1980, is a datagram transmission model that gives more emphasis on reduced latency rather than the reliability in the process of transmission. It is a connectionless model.

Computer applications could use UDP to send messages or datagrams to any other hosts in an IP network which does not need the help of any specified or certain transmission channel. It is used in such cases where no or minimal importance is laid upon the error checking system. It is never the best alternative for TCP, because it does not ensure the proper delivery of the data nor does it has the ability to prevent any sort of duplication or interception.

This simple transport layer protocol provides a minimal, unreliable, best-effort transfer system of datagrams and it also reduces the overhead from using the protocol, and as a result inadequate or unwanted outcomes can be experienced in many cases. This is the reason why most of the internet applications are run on TCP.