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TCP Full Form is Transmission Control Protocol. TCP is one of the most important and major protocols in the section of Internet protocols. TCP enables two hosts communicating over an IP network to establish a strong connection and exchange streams of data. It is used by most of the major internet based applications. It is a very useful and efficient standard that helps to establish and maintain a data conversation through which data can be exchanged.

TCP and IP are the fundamental protocols of the internet and it various functions. TCP accepts data from the data stream source then it divides the data into chunks before adding a TCP header. Data transfer in a specific order and sequence as provided by the source, re transmission of lost packets, error-free data transfer, flow control during the transfer, and congestion control during the transmission are some of the most unique and top-quality features of TCP.

TCP uses Selective Acknowledgement (SACK) which allows the user, specifically the receiver to acknowledge discontinuous set of packages that are received properly. This option and facility is not mandatory in TCP and it comes into use only if both the sender and the receiver agree to use it. Thus, TCP assures the delivery of data in a proper manner through an effective method.