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PRT full meaning
PRT Full Form?

PRT Full Form is PRimary Teacher. PRT simply refers to those teachers who teach the students at primary level of education. Primary teachers are responsible to sow a healthy seed of education inside the children they teach. As they are among those first few people who teaches a child, importance of PRTs are huge and immense regarding the healthy future of a child. PRTs are selected and appointed through tests (TET – Teacher Eligibility Test) and interviews which are annually conducted by the respective recruitment authorities of the states.

The primary criterion to become a PRT is to have at least 50% marks in the Higher Secondary level with at least 50% marks in the Diploma or Bachelors Degree of Elementary Education. More emphasis is given upon the academic criteria related to Elementary Education, because it is necessary for the PRTs to understand the various psychological dimensions and complexities of the children.

PRTs are employees of the Primary Education Board / Councils of the states. The salary structure for PRTs are is same in most of the states and it generally varies according to the allotment of DA by the state governments. PRTs are very important parts of our life if we analyze their role from a social perspective. They not only help buds to become flowers, but they help to lay a strong foundation for the society by providing the primary education.