JSON Full Form

What is the full form of JSON?

The full form of JSON is simply JavaScript Object Notation which is the format to interchange lightweight data. Find the elements uses in JSON in detail. The JavaScript Object Notation is the format to interchange lightweight data. This format makes data easy to read and write.  It works on object notation language of Javascript. To perform read and write operation in does not require JavaScript language. This is so because the file format is text, which language independent. In more simple words, you can say it is the way of storing information in the organized manner, which provides easy access. This is the reason why it is able to produce human readable collection of data

Elements of JSON

  • Arrays

It also makes use of begin and end braces and contains values, which got separated by commas.

  • Object

It begins and ends with curly braces.

  • String

The string is surrounded by double quoted with Unicode character

  • Member object

Member object has values and strings which got separated by colon and member get separated by commas.

  • Values

It is able to store the string, number, object or an array.