ITES Full Form, ITeS Meaning

ITES full meaning

ITES Full Form in English

Information Technology Enabled Services. It indicates the outsourcing of various processes where providers make use of the Internet and telecommunication technologies to offer services. This term applies mainly to the non-IT fields. It covers vast range of sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, banking, finance, and telecommunication. Some of the key services rendered by ITeS include payroll, bio-tech, call centers, medical transcription, credit card processing, insurance claims, and other similar services.

ITES has been one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. This is because, most of the industrial giants and large businesses very often outsource their services to ITES from other countries. Initially, this was established in the beginning of 21st century. During that time only data entry works were outsourced. However, the current expansion in the number of sectors is due to the growth of technology and Internet.

ITeS Employers in India

  • NIIT
  • IBM-Daksh
  • Mphasis Limited
  • WNS Global Services
  • Wipro Technologies
  • HTMT Global Solutions
  • Infosys Technologies Limited


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