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FTR Full Form?

FTR Full Form is Full Tariff Rate. FTR is a service provided by Indian Rail who want to or rather have to buy bulk tickets at a time. FTR is extremely useful in these situations. But for now, this facility is only available for Western Railway Zone because this service is currently a pilot project. FTR system helps passengers to avail bulk tickets if they know or fix their date of journey well in advance. This service does not only provide the facility to book bulk seats, but also provides the opportunity to book coaches up to 10 in numbers.

This really helps the passengers who plan to attend a wedding ceremony or a meeting. Registration for this service can be done maximum 6 months and minimum 30 days in advance prior to the date of journey. Passengers can also book almost a whole train if available. So the service ensures ultimate level of comfort. Registrations for such booking is done through Computerized Reservation Center as well as Unreserved Ticket Service counters. As this project is in pilot made, facilities are available for people from a certain part of India. But, if this service is introduced throughout India, it will surely changed the dimension of railway services.