DTSi Full Form

DTSi full meaning
What is the full form of DTSi?

Understand what is DTSi, how does it works and meaning – the Digital Twin Spark Ignition use in automobile industry which was discovered by the Bajaj Auto. In automobile DTSi stands for Digital Twin Spark Ignition that is the trademark of Bajaj Auto company and also holding the patent. Process of fuel burning is not instantaneous. The main function of the DTSi technology is to speed up the ignition process.

The combustion of fuel is achieved by the spark of plugs, which spark at certain time interval. This mechanism is known as Digital Twin Spark Ignition System. The system gets completed by twin spark.

How DTSi works?

It encompasses 2 spark plugs, which are located on opposite side of combustion chamber. This makes engine to achieve efficient and fast combustion of fuel. To understand with more clarity, you can see lower emissions and fuel efficiency. It also has statics of advanced spark and wears non moving parts.