CRT Full Form, Meaning of CRT

CRT full meaning
Meaning of CRT?

CRT Full Form is Cathode Ray Tube. CRT is a specialized tube with vacuum, which produces images when a beam of electron strikes it. It has a surface or screen made of a phosphorescent material. CRTs are used mostly in desktop computers. This is almost same as the picture tube present in televisions. CRT has many components such as coil, electron gun, anodes, phosphor-coated screen, and more.

Johann Hittorf was the genius who discovered CRT in 1869. Much later, in 1907 a Russian scientist named Boris Rosing, used CRT as a receiver of a video signal experiment. He was successful in displaying geometrical shapes in the screen. It was supposedly the first use of CRT in such video technology. Later in 1934, the first commercial television set with CRT was made by Telefunken.