ATF Full Form

ATF full meaning
What is the full form of ATF?

ATF full form – it is basically a type of fuel for aviation, which is used in aircraft. This fuel is mainly used in gas turbine engine. It has straw color in appearance. The commercial aviation Jet A1 and Jet A make use of Aviation Turbine Fuel. This is used to meet with the international standard specification. The civilian turbine engine makes use of other kind of jet fuel. The Aviation Turbine Fuel is able to provide performance with cold weather.

Consistence of the fuel

The Aviation Turbine Fuel consists of hydrocarbon of different types. The range of the dsize depends upon the requirement of the product. The jet fuel kerosene consists of carbon only, which is numbered to eight and sixteen, while naptha, a type of jet fuel is ranged between five and fifteen. Basically, Jet A fuel is used in United States and mostly, not available outside of United States. Although, Canadian airport also make use of this fuel.