ACP Full Form

ACP full meaning
ACP Full Form in US Army?

ACP Full Form is Automatic Colt Pistol. During 1980s and 20th century, U.S. Cavalry was buying and testing several of those handguns. ACP .45 was approved as the standard arm of the US Army. It was also identified as The Model 1911 Pistol. The ACP .45 is a very effective combat, which combines stopping power and accuracy.

The standard ACP round has 230-grain bullet. This travels around 830 feet/sec from the M1911A1 pistol. It also travels around 950 feet/sec from M1A1 pistol. The .45 ACP is extremely impactful that it has the potential to lower the BP very rapidly. This is because of the permanent and deep wound with substantially large diameter.